Who is Heeramandi actress Abha Ranta? Know more about the actress

Who is Heeramandi actress Abha Ranta? Know more about the actress
Who is Heeramandi actress Abha Ranta? Know more about the actress

Actress Abha Ranta is a talented Indian actress known for her roles in various projects. Her successful stint in Heeramandi, has garnered attention in the industry for her exceptional acting skills. 

Who is Abha Ranta?

Abha Ranta was born in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Her father is a farmer while her mother is a homemaker. She had cleared NIFT examination with 95 all over India rank after which she got admission in NIFT Mumbai.

The diva holds a fan following of 11.7k on her Instagram handle. Abha’s love for painting is clearly visible through her Instagram. She also has a page named 'Abha Ranta’s Art' on Instagram. Abha is a talented actress who knows the ability to bring depth and emotion to her roles, which has made her a standout performer in the industry.https://www.instagram.com/p/C423-DEqH6V/?igsh=MXdqZ3VpMTd3MmZ5bA==


Abha Ranta’s workfront

Abha’s journey started with Modelling during her college days. She was crowned as Miss Navi Mumbai in 2018. Post this, she decided to make a shift to acting.

Abha has made notable contributions to the entertainment industry with her diverse projects. In 2021, she gained recognition for her work on “State of Siege: Temple Attack.” She is known for her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring authenticity to her characters. 

Apart from her career in acting, Abha is also a well-known face in the commercial world. The actress has been featured in 20 plus advertisements for brands like Domino’s, Limca, Mamaearth and many more.

Abha Ranta in Heeramandi

Abha gained recognition for her performance in the popular series Heeramandi, where she portrayed a strong and complex character of the younger version of Manisha Koirala's character, Mallikajaan. She gained limelight in the opening scene itself, where she is seen portraying a heartbroken scene. Abha's acting prowess and versatility have earned her praise from both audiences and critics alike.