About Us

Brand prakharlive.com functions under the company name prakharlive.com.
Our vision was to start a news site where we could provide a prolific content and information to the readers. So we decided that, to engage the public, it’s important that we engage ourselves to build a platform where people could not only write but also read the content they wish to.
PrakharLive is now the latest and also the fastest growing digital venture of PRAKHARLIVE .  PrakharLive is stirring a revolution for all the diverse and niche segmented market. The web/mobile-based network allows you to put across your front in different categories and genre of news.
PrakharLive since its inception in 2015 has experienced a tremendous response from its users. It allows you a handy and convenient source to post and read news on any continent of the world. The global reach makes it easy for the people of different culture and race to come along and share an extravagant media platform, which is absolutely reliable and authentic.
The C.E.O Mrs. N.Dwivedi, himself is having 5 years of experience in the media industry. He has been a part of many prominent news organizations and has served as the C.E.O for a print daily as well. His experience and effective management strategy is providing ABMAEPL a big boast, due to which PrakharLive is growing day by day.
Within a short span of time PrakharLive is growing globally and gaining good response in the market.
The Top management took the decision to operate the news website from a small state of Madhya Pradesh. They wanted to work not only on their website but also on the cultural and social development of their state, hence the decision was taken. Together they have proved that place is not the barrier for any start-up,the collective approach is appreciated by the world.
Prakhar Live monitored a million views within past 2 years, and has observed a bullish increase in its popularity. Digital is the future, and we at PrakharLive focus on providing the masses with a platform where they can read and post news concurrently. Who knew being a journalist was that simple?
Prakhar Live, calls for a website, which can be reached anywhere at any time. With the recommended URL, which reads, www.PrakharLive.com, you can live an up to date information about, International, National, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Leisure, Documentaries, Exclusives, Political, Editorial, Blogs, Business and many other genres. The website allows you to post news is three different languages, i.e., Hindi, English and Malayalam. Keeping in mind the vast audiences, Prakhar Live ensures a grooved-up digital world.
Prakhar Live, also has a YouTube channel that has its subscriber list growing with each passing day.
Prakhar Live is beneficial to every individual who wish to showcase creativity, craves knowledge, have career plans with an instant need to share information and wants to connect to a media platform, which has a global reach.The value of information shared by our users is based on the rating and anyone can reap benefits during the process.
Prakhar Live gives you a broad spectrum of information about all the global affairs. Experience a fun and latest approach of news.