Tanvi Shewale joins Udne ki Aasha; and says she is delighted to be part of the show

Tanvi Shewale joins Udne ki Aasha; and says she is delighted to be part of the show
Tanvi Shewale joins Udne ki Aasha; and says she is delighted to be part of the show

Actress Tanvi Shewale, who plays the role of Roshni in Rahul Tewary and Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, is thrilled to be part of the show. She adds that her character is also very different from what she has played before.

“I’ve heard a lot before about this show. People love Udne ki Aasha so much and I feel so delighted and grateful to join this show. It’s lovely working with such great actors and playing such a different character. Also, everyone is so sweet and welcoming to me,” she says.
Talking about her role, she says, “I’m playing a character called Roshini who is the parallel lead of the show. She is a massage therapist and gives home services to ladies. She dreams of opening a parlour of her own so she wants to save and earn a lot of money. She is a very ambitious, practical, street-smart, extroverted girl. She has learned a lot of lessons in her life at a younger age so she is a strong woman. She’ll also be the love interest of Tejas which you’ll see in the coming episodes.”

She adds, “She is a very different character than I played before. What I love about her is that she is a practical girl. She knows what she wants in her life and works hard for it and she is just like any common girl but also a girl with big ambitions and would do anything to achieve it. Everyone has their own struggles in life and they learn from it, people with struggles hope that they live a good life ahead and so does Roshni. People say that money can’t buy happiness but it can give you a good life. I hope people understand why Roshni is so ambitious and why she feels the need to earn money.”
Ask her if there are any similarities between her character and yourself in real life, she says, “Roshni is a visionary, independent and ambitious girl who has big dreams and I feel that is where I can connect with her other than that we are total opposites.”
She adds, “As much as I know and understand she’ll be entering Tejas’s life and as he’s very sad because of whatever happened to him Roshni will make him loved and happy and she’ll also try to have a good bond with Renuka. after that, it’s yet to be known.”
Talking about preparing for the role, she says, “I watched some massage videos and some manicure pedicure videos and practised them for scenes so that it doesn’t look fake and look professional as she is a professional and good at her work.”