Jimmy Mayengbam opens the tally for Manipur in National Poker Series India 2024, bags a Bronze medal

Jimmy Mayengbam opens the tally for Manipur in National Poker Series India 2024, bags a Bronze medal
Jimmy Mayengbam opens the tally for Manipur in National Poker Series India 2024, bags a Bronze medal

Jimmy Mayengbam, holding a managerial position in one of Imphal’s leading hospital, emerged victorious in the NPS#3 (5-MAX) HYPER SPRINT 12L GTD (RE) tournament of the ongoing 4th edition of National Poker Series India. Jimmy's dedication of balancing a day job and his passion for Poker that is layered with exemplary skill display and strategic prowess has made him one of the Poker players to look out for in the Indian Poker community.  

Hailing from Imphal, Jimmy has been ardently studying and dabbling with different Poker playing styles & strategies that is often reflected in his gameplay. Despite his demanding professional commitments, Jimmy's passion for the mind sport like Poker drove him to dedicate time and efforts to honing his skills by increasing participation in tournaments to practice his hand.  

Reflecting on his journey, Jimmy emphasizes the importance of skill in poker, stating, "I was introduced to Poker 10 years ago but started increasingly playing the sport since the last 4 years. Over the years I have realised this one aspect, skill development and learning actively is the founding pillar of Poker. A player needs to consistently work towards advancing through the years and build on his skills that will aid in holistically elevating them as a Poker pro. They will then be able to seamlessly understand the game, boast of positional awareness, manage the bankroll, navigate emotional and tilt controls to their advantage to outperform against their opponents.” 

On noticing the increased participation from Imphal, Jimmy also added, “I am elated to see the visible growth in not just Imphal’s Poker community but across the country’s North-East region. This can be owed to platforms like National Poker Series that extends glory to us budding player and an opportunity to compete with the greatest players of India. Players from the city have realised that there is a lot to learn from poker that we can apply to our everyday life like patience and discipline, risk - reward management, probability and decision making, emotional control, learning from our mistakes. The learning from Poker truly transcends from the Poker table and can easily be noticed in real life situations too.” 

Jimmy is a graduate of DPS Mathura and GIN Bangalore. His academic background instilled in him a strong foundation for analytical thinking and strategic planning, attributes that have undoubtedly contributed to his success on the poker table. With increased vigour and a focused approach, Jimmy is certain that in the coming days he will be able to add more glory to the state medal tally for Manipur.   

To register and participate in National Poker Series India 2024, players can head to the PokerBaazi, India’s biggest Poker platform and the official host of National Poker Series, application and register for the individual events under the ‘Tournaments’ section. In addition, the podium winners of National Poker Series India 2024 leaderboard with highest medal tally will be awarded with an all-expense paid trip to Poker Mecca, Las Vegas.