Dance has made me what I am today: Kunwar Amar

Dance has made me what I am today: Kunwar Amar
Dance has made me what I am today: Kunwar Amar
Kunwar Amar, who is currently seen in Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s Anupamaa, credits dance for all the success he has achieved in his life. Speaking on the occasion of International Dance Day, which is observed on April 29, he said, “Dance has made me what I am today. It has given me everything that I had asked for and more, and it’s still getting me the kind of work I want to do.”
“Dance has been my saviour, my guide, and my life; I cannot thank God enough for him to bless me with such an art form,” he added.
A fabulous dancer that he is, he often treats his fans to dance reels on his social media handle. However, he doesn’t have any particular song that he grooves to. He says it all depends on his mood. 
Kunwar has not taken any formal training in dance, and revealed, “I have been learning from watching videos. Doing it by myself has taught me a lot, and I think it has become my best ability to just watch the steps and grab them quickly.”
And as modest as he can be, he wouldn’t rate his dancing skills, and he confessed, “But I do believe that if I am able to stand among a few names in the dancer community, I must have done some hard work.”
Asked how important it is for an actor to know the art of dancing, he said, “I think it’s an added advantage if you know dancing because Indian cinema is very colorful and we always have dance and music in our films, so it’s good if you know how to dance.”
He also believes that dance sequences have become an important part of any daily soap. He said, “I think dance has been an integral part of our culture, we dance in weddings, do garba in Navratri, Ganesh festivals, holi, and any occasion, so it obviously has an impact in the cinema as well as on the small screen. It brings joy and happiness, and people love to dance to famous dance numbers and copy the steps of their favourite artists.”
Kunwar also mentioned that dance reels have become the most famous source of entertainment for the whole world. However, he added, “I do believe it has decreased the level of creativity and the level of hard work. Just doing a 10-second reel brings you millions of views, and doing a good dance performance hardly gets any reach, so it’s also kind of sad.”