Celebrities react to Maldives-Lakshadweep controversy

Celebrities react to Maldives-Lakshadweep controversy
Celebrities react to Maldives-Lakshadweep controversy

Maldives minister Mariyam Shiuna has accused India of targeting Maldives in a tweet, and that seems to have created a massive controversy. In his tweet, he called prime minister Narendra Modi a puppet and a clown. These celebs give their take on the controversy.

Ismail Umar khan
I am aware of the controversy and the action has been taken against the official, who made the racist and derogatory comments. Many Indians may not even know Maldives exists, but after this controversy, people will be aware of Maldives, because all these destinations are for the rich, whereas most of us are happy with our Indian beaches. As far as for me, Maldives was never on my cards. Let me first explore my country, rest can wait.

Charrul Malik
Indians contribute very significantly to the Maldives. Maldives economy totally depends on tourism and more than 25% of visitors are from India only. When they attack India it's an attack against their own economy! It is very pleasing to see all the celebrities promoting India and tourism. This will only do better for the Indian economy and people. I have never been to either Maldives or Lakshadweep. I would love to go to Lakshadweep very soon. It's on my bucket list. I really don't get influenced by any controversy and don't pass on judgments. But Apne Desh ke khilaf , hamare PM ke khilaaf koi ek word bhi galat bolega toh hum nahi sunenge aur waha of course hum nahi jayenge... come what may. (We will not listen to one word against our country or our prime minister.)

Rinku Ghosh
I think the entire world needs to learn from India, to be humble and modest. We have everything. From Mountain to sea, from snow to desert, from river to forest. India is complete. India doesn't believe in putting someone down just to put oneself up. That is India. Most of Maldives tourism is from India. Those kinds of derogatory statements are not acceptable. I have not visited the Maldives. When we have Lakshadweep, why do we need to visit Maldives?

Lokit Phulwani
I believe that the freedom of expression should be exercised democratically and responsibly, and in ways that do not spread hatred, and negativity, and hinder close relationships especially between international partners. I have not got the opportunity to visit so far. India in itself is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world offering the best, be it mountains, desert or pristine beaches. I have plans to explore within before looking at anything outside.

Nikhil Nanda
Maldives has been a beautiful destination. I have visited it earlier, but considering the controversy that has been caused by the distasteful statements made by the minister there, I will re-think any plans of going there. Further promotion of Lakshadweep as an alternative to Maldives by honorable prime minister is commendable. I think the future is with Lakshadweep. I feel no Indian should ever visit Maldives anymore. We should only be creating an alternative of Maldives and luxury, in our own country.